Wren Kitchens

Wren Kitchens are passionate about kitchens and providing personalised great service to every customer.

That’s why they’ve developed The Wren Way; a tailored plan to ensure they always put you and your home first, from start to finish.

Located at Great Western Retail Park, Glasgow, Wren Kitchens is a privately-owned family business and truly passionate about what they do. They are dedicated to making the business a success, and, Wren family comes first and with that so does their strong commitment and loyalty to putting their customers first.

The Wren brand may be new, but the family behind Wren has been leading the way in kitchen manufacturing for over 35 years. It is through their wealth of experience in manufacturing kitchens that they have successfully arrived at where they are now.

They know that investing in a new kitchen is a big decision and it’s one they want you to feel as comfortable and confident in.
From the planning stages, right through to the installation and aftercare, they make sure you are completely happy with their service.

Wren Kitchens are also committed to making all of their products and services as environmentally friendly as possible. They do this by using sustainable sources and suppliers and sharing their devotion and passion wherever possible. When installing a new kitchen Wren can also recycle your old one.

As you can imagine, the manufacturing of kitchens creates a lot of sawdust. Wren Kitchens have giant suction pipes that collect this and then local farmers and landscapers can use it on their nearby rural projects.

This is just one great example of their forward-thinking, environmentally conscious approach to creating great kitchens for you.

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